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Buster Posey preparing for an Adam Wainwright offeringMatt Cain delivers a pitch to Yadier MolinaPablo Sandoval making contact with an Adam Wainwright pitchGregor Blanco takes an Adam Wainwright pitchAdam Wainwright swings at a Matt Cain offeringBrandon Crawford knocking a Adam Wainwright pitch for a doubleBrandon Crawford standing on second after a double down the righAngel Pagan drives home Brandon CrawfordMarco Scutaro taking a high pitch from Adam WainwrightBuster Posey on the ondeck circleBuster Posey swinging at an Adam Wainwright pitchMatt Cain deliversBuster Posey removes his maskBrandon Crawford in the fieldMatt Cain releasing the pitchMatt Cain following throughMatt Cain being removed from the gameBrandon Belt offering at an Adam Wainwright pitchHunter Pence taking his position in the outfield