So, what drew me to photography? I'd love to spout some witty story about turning a corner of a gallery and seeing an image that changed the course of life forever, but that wouldn't be the honest truth.

I grew up around a father who loved to take pictures of friends and family. Every game I played and any event I had, my father was there usually snapping away with his plethora of film cameras. He basically left so many priceless memories of people, places, and things that essentially make up the visuals to the first 39 years of my life. It was somewhat bittersweet to comb through the archive of pictures upon his passing in 2011 and produce a slideshow of images of his life at his funeral. He, probably more than anything else, inspired my love of taking pictures.

Honestly, I love what I do. I love taking the image, but don’t like to overly cook images in post-production. There is a point where a picture stops becoming a picture and begins to become more digital art than anything else. Too often I hear the phrase, “I’ll fix it in post” and quite honestly that’s not me. I prefer a more straight-edged approach to the image. I like get the image right in camera and let black levels, shadows, and highlights work together.

My promise to you is that I will work as hard on your images as I do with my own personal images. Every picture that comes out of my camera and computers is a piece of me. It's personal. It's a piece I want to be proud of and a piece that I want to share with you. I individually handle all aspects of image creation from pre-production to post-production including image capture and in most cases delivery.

I shoot with the printed image in mind and strive very hard to make sure that all images can be printed on large paper, canvas, metal, glass, or acrylic. To that end, I concentrate on not cropping images in post-production to preserve quality of the image. Increased cropping in most cases can lead to lesser image quality. I also take a lot of time in post-production looking at the image through a loupe to make sure I don’t have an image littered with dust spots and hot spots.

Because I shot a wide variety of styles and subjects, my personal preference is shooting full frame Canon cameras and Canon "L" glass to achieve the results that are expected from a professional photographer. Canon products haven’t failed me and I need a product that can deliver reliably in almost any situation especially when shooting people and events. Does that mean other camera brands can’t do the job? Not at all, alot of cameras and camera brands these days are more than capable.

Contact me about photography, prints, or instruction via email or by phone at (415) 320-1090. I have not posted any images to large stock photo sites for a myriad of reason, but in very special circumstances will consider direct licensing to business.