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February 18, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Sutro Tower On An IslandSutro Tower On An IslandSutro Tower seemingly on an island surround by low fog as the morning golden light shines on it seen from Twin Peaks in San Francisco

Taken at the end of January 2022, this image of Sutro Tower on an island surrounded by a sea of fog was not the image I had in mind when I drove up Twin Peaks on this chilly morning. I actually was hoping for the fog to lower enough around sunrise to catch The Golden Gate Bridge or the city of San Francisco, but obviously that didnt happen. Not all was lost though, I was able to capture this image at 17mm in rather unique fashion. Things in photography like in life, don't always go as planned and that's ok. It's what you do with it that makes things memorable.

I've gone ahead and made some minor changes and updates to the website. Although I liked the initial design, I moved the menu items to the left side and rearranged the galleries slightly. I'll be doing more collating and rearranging sporadically, but essentially this was done in order to match what I'm doing now with my social media presence. Social media links have been removed from the homepage as well.

I've kept Facebook for personal and family reasons, but have made that private. I barely use twitter because well, it's twitter and kind of a cesspool intolerant political activism and keyboard tough people whose opinions mean absolutely nothing to me. This all brings me to Instagram. Although Facebook owned and operated, it functions best for ease of use, display quality, and everyday use. I don't really say all that much, so I've kept @seanpedruco public after long thinking about making it public. Instead, I opted to create a secondary private account called @goldengatebridgepics.

This new Instagram account is designed for close family or friends and ardent supporters of my work on documenting The Golden Gate Bridge. This account contains some of what I consider my best work as well as some stuff that have more of an editorial, street vibe. These images can be accessed by following that instagram account or by clicking the Exclusive link from the home page and then entering a password. These images are also available in print form on different media as open editions, but I wanted to create a space that I could post my work without reservation. There's a reason I went this route and if you catch at the bridge, I'll answer that question when asked. You can probably figure out why though.




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