New Photo Added - In White Satin

April 06, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

This one was an evening shot of the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge sometime around twilight, where the fog was rolling briskly under the tower.

There was still some light, so in order o capture the this image, I slapped on an combo ND/Polarizer filter to smooth out the fog and get the shutter speed to about 30 seconds. The image almost felt like something buried in snow, hence the white satin title to the image.

Again to no surprise, I used a telephoto lens for this one. Differently than most of my compositions, I went as wide as the lens would go to capture the layers of the sky above the fog and the bridge. It's that time of day where the greyish blue layer is actually the earth's shadow.

In White SatinIn White SatinThe Golden Gate Bridge south tower in a steady flow of low fog


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