New Photo Added - Grace Under Pressure

April 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Haven't posted for awhile and since I've basically stopped posting on social media, it's basically radio silence when I don't post here. Why don't I regularly post to social media anymore? Honestly, I just lost interest. The self promotion on those platforms just doesn't speak to me. Jokingly, I said 10 years ago that social media was the decline of western civilization and that was at a time where people were posting what they were having for breakfast and that they brushed their teeth in the morning. Who would have thought that it has become a political circus it is today on both sides of the aisle?

Back to the imagery, simplifying a scene, specifically as it relates to The Golden Gate Bridge, has become a calling card for me. When you live in an area where you were born and have almost been here for damn near a half century, the hero image kind of doesn't really excite me at all anymore.

Purely from my point of view, I look at pieces as one-off's that hang on a wall and in broader terms of abstract photography. Maybe abstract isn't the proper word. Although used more in literary terms, synecdoche might be a better definition. I'm basically picking out what I think are the most interesting aspects of my experience using telephoto lenses to draw your eye directly to that portion without revealing the larger images.

Ansel Adams pioneered the hero image. Jefferson Airplane pioneered the rooftop concert one month before The Beatles. Point is, it's been done before and that drives my style. It's kind of simple for me. I basically shoot in a style that interests me. If I'm not interested in photographing a scene, it really shows.

The image below is an example of what I really like to do.

Grace Under PressureGrace Under PressureThe top of the north tower of The Golden Gate Bridge in thick low fog as blue hour ends


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