New Photos Added - Gently Wrapping & Where Only The Tallest Buildings See The Sun

March 24, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

This is one of those rare mornings nowdays where I made the trek up to Slacker Hill in The Marin Headlands for the low fog and was alone all morning. It was probably a combination of the fog being too thick, it being pretty windy, and a weather prediction app not recommending it (sarcasm).

Basically this is a comparison post for showing the power of focal distance. These images were shot at the same time or at least within a few minutes. One is at 40mm showing the foreground on the hill leading to the north tower of The Golden Gate Bridge and also revealing the highest four buildings in the city of San Francisco off in the distance. The second image is focus directly on the buildings above the fog at 400mm. Both images are uncropped. You can just seen the difference in the details.

Because of the wind, mist, and dust, I prefer to not switch lenses in these conditions. I honestly do that because I really hate cleaning my sensor all the time and it also seems that when I send my camera into the manufacturer, they never seem to do a good job. Trust me, life is much easier when you are cloning out fewer dust spots when shooting at smaller apertures. Although the same camera manufacturer, these two images were shot using different cameras, lenses, and tripods. The weight kind of sucks and has taken a toll on my neck and back over the years on the hike up, but it's well worth it.

Gently WrappingGently WrappingThe fog gently wraps around Slacker Hill in The Marin Headlands, The Golden Gate Bridge, and San Francisco on one of those rare mornings I was up here alone.

Where Only The Tallest Buildings See The SunWhere Only The Tallest Buildings See The SunThe tallest four buildings get kissed by the sun above the low fog over San Francisco, CA






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