New Photo Added - Looking Through The Mist

March 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

We have another one of The Golden Gate Bridge and a portion of San Francisco in fog taken from The Marin Headlands. It's shot relatively wide at 34mm on a full frame sensor. I'm sure you'll really start to notice over time that I do have a preference for telephoto images, but this time wide was needed to show the elements going on here This one depicts another instance of tule fog, but this time we have some higher fog that gives a kind of overcast feel. The instances of the fog coming in from both directions and at different heights kind of creates something relatively unique even if there wasn't much color that morning. 

Got out here early on a January morning, so I was there to shoot predawn, dawn, and what would normally be sunrise. The one thing about getting here predawn is you're able to maximize your time and shoot at four designated intervals of light in photography. Yes, you can do that in reverse and shoot golden hour, sunset, twilight, and blue hour in the evening. My preference is the morning, but things like light origin or direction of the light may determine your individual choice. Looking Through The MistLooking Through The MistThis was one of those winter mornings where we had an instance of low tule fog flowing out through The Golden Gate Bridge from the valley and a higher fog flowing in from The Pacific Ocean




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