New Photo Added - Chasing Rainbows

December 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a nice run of rainbows lately in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. I captured this square image by shooting three vertical images and combining them to produce it in a square format. I really did this for two reasons. One, it was extremely windy and raining off and on. In order to avoid needlessly cleaning my sensor, I just decided to leave the lens configuration on the camera (70-200) at 70mm. Two, a single shot of the bridge would have produced a subpar vertical image of the partial rainbow above the bridge.

Sure I could have just pulled out the iphone 13 pro and shot it, but my head isn't wired for that and also I'm still not a firm believer in it's camera capabilty. Sure computation photography has improved in recent years, but I just can't get beyond the physics aspect of a larger lens and sensor.

Location wise it's alittle touristy, but I enjoy photographing from the bluffs at The Presidio of San Francisco.

There was one change with the site today as I eliminated the need for having to get an account to view all of my images that are available as prints. Hope it streamlines the process for everyone.

On a personal note, I'm really hoping that a change in the calendar digits will yield more peace of mind for me. Beyond covid, it's just been difficult couple of years mentally and feel that there's alot of pressure, issues, responsibility that was none of my making.

Hope you all had and continue to have a great Holiday season!

Chasing RainbowsChasing RainbowsShot this one as a three shot vertical panorama to fit the partial rainboiw appearing over The Golden Gate Bridge as 2021 starts to come to a close


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