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October 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Atmospheric RiverAtmospheric RiverThe Golden Gate Bridge as seen from The Presidio of San Francisco as the low fog diffuses the light trails on the deck at eight minutes before midnight

First, let me please apologize for not posting in some time. I've been dealing with a family member who is not doing well and has refused to seek medical treatment for many years. As a result I haven't been able to post as much as I would like, but I'm sure you all will understand. It has been a test of mental health for me personally, even more than any virus, social, or political issues that we've encountered over the past few years. Honestly, it's been really, really tough.

As far the the photo, this is a recent image that was taken close to midnight a couple of nights ago. It's of the Golden Gate Bridge as seen from The Golden Gate Bridge Overlook in The Presidio of San Francisco. I happened to be on the city side as low fog become to come in again at deck level and had to stop. When I say again, the low fog had briefly made an appearance around sunset earlier in the day and I did photograph that as well. I spare you the story of me fumbling around in the dark with an iphone light only because I forgot my flashlight and my headlamp. I wasn't expecting to photograph anything on Wednesday.

This specific image is simply the low fog barely reaching the deck, but gorgeously illuminated by the light trails of traffic coming into the city and work lights on the bridge. As those of you who have crossed the bridge after 11pm on weekdays generally, you will experience crews working on the suicide barrier on the bridge.

Composition wise, I had to decide how I wanted to expose the deck lights, work lights, and car traffic. I quickly and settled on a slightly overexposed image at that point to convey the luminance of fog. Because I wanted a relatively clean image free of distraction and also one that was straight-on, centered properly, I stayed away from the Instagram framed by trees style that is usually seen from this location. There is a slight variance in the angle of each tower, so no matter how much you try to get a perfect center it just doesn't really exist.

Title wise it's a play on the absolute drenching The Bay Area received on Sunday and I kind of liked the term.

Another thing that I've been toying around with is aspect ratios. I've long been a believer and big proponent of not post cropping any of my images, but lately I've been toying around with 4x5 and square aspect ratios that better serve the composition. This one most definitely works better as a 4x5 and based on the luminance of the bright white and bright orange, I think this one will only print well on metal and have adjusted the options on this photo accordingly. 

On another note, I've moved most of prints available for purchase into another section than the sample works. In order to view those from now on, you'll have to sign up for a free account to my site. Sorry for that inconvenience, but I just want the bulk of my work to be seen by friends, family, and my supporters. It just didn't make sense any longer to make all my work viewable to the general public. I'm sure there's an OnlyFans joke in there somewhere. We're living in some strange times (Premium gas in Mill Valley was 5.39 as of this writing), so no monetary expectations from my end but supporting me by following me on Instagram or signing up for a free web account works.

Thanks for finding me, supporting me and bearing my photo ramblings!

Much appreciation and love,



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